We’ve all been frustrated with irrigation systems that don’t work, plants that fail, and Saturdays that have been sacrificed to menial yard maintenance. Anyone wishing to remodel a failing landscape is often overwhelmed, and new homeowners can be discouraged when designing and installing new yards on a limited budget.

Localscapes was developed by a team of horticulturists, landscape designers, maintenance pros, irrigation experts and members of the water industry—all from Utah. The goal was simple: take all the complex and confusing landscaping requirements and simplify them. The result was five basic pattern pieces that are easy to understand and apply.

Localscapes provides the answer to common landscaping problems, but our story actually started somewhere quite different…

The Backstory

It all actually started in 1999 with water conservation. Utah was running out of water, and most of it was being used on our landscaping (still is, as a matter of fact). Jordan Valley Water Conservancy District was the first Utah agency to come up with a water conservation program: Slow the Flow, Save H2O (which has since been adopted as a statewide effort). Part of that program included the creation of a regional demonstration garden to show how practical and beautiful outdoor water efficiency could be. For the past 15 years, this garden, which was later named the Conservation Garden Park, has been the center for teaching Utahns how to landscape successfully in our arid region.

We’ve helped educate thousands of homeowners who shared their landscaping challenges with our expert landscape designers, horticulturalists and maintenance experts. Nearly all of these homeowners expressed a desire for an “easier way” to landscape in Utah.

Localscapes grew from one simple epiphany: rather than importing landscape styles from different climates and trying to force them to fit Utah, Utah needed its own style of landscaping. Not just to save water, but to also address the myriad of concerns and challenges that Utah homeowners have shared with us over the years. Localscapes does design, installation, irrigation, and implementation right for Utah.

Conservation Garden Park showcases landscapes suited for Utah's unique climate that are not only beautiful and easier to maintain, but are also designed to efficiently use water.

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