We’ve all been frustrated with irrigation systems that don’t work, plants that fail, and Saturdays that have been sacrificed to menial yard maintenance. Anyone wishing to remodel a failing landscape is often overwhelmed, and new homeowners can be discouraged when designing and installing new yards on a limited budget.

Localscapes was developed by a team of horticulturists, landscape designers, maintenance pros, irrigation experts and members of the water industry. The goal was simple: create a landscaping approach that takes all the complex and confusing science behind landscape design and simplify it to create landscapes that thrive in Utah. The result was five basic pattern pieces that are easy to understand and apply.

Localscapes provides the answer to common landscaping problems, but our story actually started somewhere quite different…

The Big Picture

In addition to the concerns of homeowners for their individual properties are the concerns we all share as residents of Utah. Our population will double by 2060—the water supply won’t. We’ll all have to learn to do more with less. Localscapes is a moderate approach to waterwise landscaping that allows us to keep the lawn we love but help us landscape appropriately in Utah so we can avoid a water crisis.

But Localscapes is not just about water efficiency, it’s about simplifying landscaping in Utah. No matter where you live, Localscapes will give you the best landscape for your area. Localscapes does design, installation, irrigation, and implementation right for Utah. Plus a localscaped yard uses 2/3 less water than a traditional Utah landscape!

Localscapes simplifies the landscaping process to five easy steps so you can have a landscape that works for you and thrives in Utah!

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